Boca Raton, FL

We’ve been in Boca Raton, the “mouth of the mouse” to enjoy retired life: swimming, working out, and eating, lots of naps and relaxation. The most amazing thing is the weather: we’ve had a few beautiful, blue sky, sun shiny days without humidity! Does that sound like Florida to you?

As soon as we land in California, I’ve got lots of gardening to do: transplanting starts in the garden, sifting soil, and starting more seedlings from heirloom seeds I purchased from one of my favorite places: Seed Savers. I have two new watermelon varieties, a gourd, a new cantaloupe, an Armenian cucumber that’s really a fruit, and two new cherry tomatoes that I’m trying out.

Sound good?

I’m really stepping up production this summer versus last. Now I have more garden area because we finished a shade garden to the north of our house, and I have more confidence in my “pumpkin patch” area, which is really turning out to be an area for melons and cucumbers as well.

I’ll also be continuing a regular program of seed starting in my garage under lights. In my effort to always have productive plants, I will replace old straggling producers with new starts whenever the situation warrants.

Now that my daughter receives all her therapies (P.T., O.T. and Speech) at home, hopefully I will be able to offer more produce on a regular basis, as well as sell produce out the side gate because I won’t have to drive all over town to pick her up from school and take her to therapy sessions.

This morning, I baked my fabulous buttermilk scones for my mother-in-law, Gloria and her buddy, Aaron as well as a lovely neighbor I just met named Marilyn (Hi, Marilyn!). How do you get a bunch of Jews to be quiet? Feed them well! My daughter learned a new phrase, which I’m sure she’ll remember and use from now on: “These are so good, I think I could die!” You have to hear it with the New York accent to really appreciate how Jewish it sounds.

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