Workshop, Saturday Jan 24th 1 pm to 4

I’m volunteering this Saturday at a workshop hosted by the Master Gardener program. The topics covered will be:

Gardening Resources from the UC (University of Calfornia Extension Program)

Enjoying Healthy Vegetables

Tree Care: Fruits and Ornamentals

Composting: Making Garden Gold

Container and Small Space Gardening

How to Sow and Transplant — Seeds and Baby Plants to Take Home

If you’re interested, the workshop costs $40, but make sure to call first to see if it’s full already: 323-260-2267 because it’s limited to 30 people.

Location: 4800 E Cesar E. Chavez Ave., Los Angeles, 90022

This past few weeks has ruined a few of my crops: broccoli, broccoli rabe, and some lettuce. It’s been a tough “winter” by not being cold enough!

I’ll keep plugging along. The kohlrabi, kale, and cabbage seem to be doing just fine, but they aren’t nearly ready to harvest yet. I have plenty of lettuce and arugula, loads of Indian mustard.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I’ll be in the garden, transplanting and cleaning things up, like the raspberry brambles and the grapevines. I have a new apricot tree to plant, and I have weeding to do. If you’re nearby, just say Hi, but be prepared to be put to work!

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