I’m sick with a cold

How does this happen? Life just isn’t fair when you’re sick. All those plans to get right back into things, to get so much done.


I was planning to move out some of the smaller broccoli and cauliflower seedlings into larger spaces, to rip out basil and tomato plants and replace with winter crops, and to tie down my peach trees so they’re more horizonal.

Plus, it’s dormant spraying time. And rose pruning time, and rose bush planting time, and it would be great to get some new fruit trees in the ground. I’m planning to add a lime and a lemon tree. Oh, and it’s time to prune the grapevines.

But noooooo…. I have to take a rest!

There’s a workshop this Saturday for Master Gardeners to help out with a school orchard at the Pacifica Community Charter school at 3754 Dunn Drive, Los Angeles. I’ll be racking up some volunteer hours by bringing my pruning tools and my huge pruning ladder and giving some of their 14 trees a good lopping off.

But for now, my bed is calling me…

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