How about a fruit exchange?

Within my small enclave called Mira Catalina, many homeowners have trees with surplus fruits. When their trees are loaded with ripe fruit, they can never eat all that their trees produce. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all share in this bounty? It’s not my brainchild; there are other cities, like Altadena who have set up a virtual marketplace on the web. They call it the Co-op and Food Exchange of Altadena, a Yahoo Groups email list and discussion board with 45 members who live in or near Altadena or Pasadena. The members post announcements, offering their surplus or seeking a particular crop. They also meet in a local park to swap fruit and talk.

If you’re interested and you live in the RPV or San Pedro area, please email me and let me know what type of fruit you have. The more people who are interested, the more likely we’ll have the beginning of something very sweet indeed.

For the full article that taught me about this fruit swapping program, go to:

Happy holidays!

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