Judy’s Garden Becomes Election 2012 Central!

You know how life began in a garden, according to popular sources? So too does democracy begin in a garden.


Judy’s Homegrown is now Writeindependent.org. Why would a Master Gardener focus on politics? Because without a way to legislate protection of our water, air, and soil, we are lost to the interests of the few who think this planet is their resource to use and abuse as they see fit.


Is democracy in this country dead? Has it gone the way of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? Have Americans become so jaded that they don’t want to vote because “it won’t make a difference anyway, the system is too convoluted”?


I’m here to say: it’s not too late, guys! Use your voice, use your vote, to protest the government’s policies by voting in people who have our best interests at heart, not special interests in their pockets.


Visit my new website: writeindependent.org and see how powerful our country is when ordinary people take a stand.


We can make a difference, one congressional member at a time. Stop the complicity and start acting like you own the government, and that they work for you. GET OUT AND VOTE!


P.S. Writeindependent.org is a non-profit nonpartisan website that

1. Offers regular people a simple way to run for federal office

2. Gives constituents like you a forum to post solutions or make complaints to the people who run our country.

3. It is a gift of democracy on the internet. If you want to learn who’s running in your district that isn’t supported by special interests, visit now and then refer writeindependent.org to everyone you know.

4. This needs to go viral, people! Let’s work together to save our economy and our ecology.

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