FOX News Manipulating the TPP into a “De Facto” Agreement – Trans Pacific Partnership – Fox News – free trade agreement – corporate greed – wealthy elite – international tribunal – US losing sovereignty – US as a sovereign nation – news media manipulation

In this article, Fox News assumes that the Trans Pacific Partnership is already a de facto agreement, when in fact, the congress can throw the entire thing out.


The wording of their article goes like this: “The 132 Democrats, led by Reps. George Miller of California and Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, urged U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk to make sure ‘there is ample opportunity for Congress to have input on critical policies that will have broad ramifications for years to come.’”


This article is proof that at Fox News, there is an assumption that the TPP is a “done deal” because they are already expecting it to affect our future.


Don’t we the people have a say in our future?


If the people of the United States knew what  TPP was about, they would be screaming at the top of their lungs: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” Learn specifics about the Trans Pacific Partnership and how it would affect your life.


We here at are posting the decision your candidates make about the TPP right on their platforms. And don’t be fooled: if they agree to one or two provisions, they are opening up the door to the entire agreement. All it takes is for that three-attorney international tribunal to be set up, and trade laws will start to favor the biggest corporations who essentially set up the tribunal in the first place.


It’s all or nothing. Do you want three people to decide commerce without any environmental standards for the entire world? Or asked another way: would you drink a gallon of water that you knew contained cyanide and mercury?

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